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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

India Corona update date 12-5-2020

So far 22,549 patients have recovered, the figure in Maharashtra has crossed 23 thousand

Bengal health secretary fired over corona statistics

In Madhya Pradesh, 81 thousand people may be infected till July, Jhansi 1000 workers sent to Gorakhpur

New Delhi. So far 70,768 people in the country have been infected with corona. And 2,294 people have died. So far 22,549 people have beaten the corona after treatment. The number of corona cases is increasing day by day in Maharashtra. So far, 23,401 people have been infected with corona in the country. These figures are based on the website and information from the state government.

Updates of the day 

9 cases of corona were confirmed in BSF

Corona peaks in June-July at the national level in Madhya Pradesh. According to an estimate, the number of patients in Madhya Pradesh can reach 81 thousand. In Indore, the figure could reach 13,400.

In Jhansi, 1000 laborers have been sent to Gorakhpur by a labor special train on Tuesday. The workers were first put in a bus and brought to Jhansi railway station. After screening here, they were put in the train.

Today 139 students from Manila in Gujarat reached Ahmedabad by special plane
1230 migrant laborers from Mumbai reach Kalburgi railway station in Karnataka by special train

Status of States

Madhya Pradesh, infected: 3785- 171 new cases of infection were reported here on Monday. The transition to Indore, Bhopal and Ujjain is not fully under control. The number of infections is likely to increase when testing in the state is stepped up from next week, sources said. On the other hand, a new experiment is being carried out to break the chain of corona in Bhopal's hot spot Jahangirabad. About 2000 people with this negative report are being shifted to another place.

Uttar Pradesh, Infected: 3547- 107 new infections were found in the state on Monday. Of these, Meerut had the highest number of 22 patients and Agra had 13 patients. 2 in Agra, while 1-1 in Kanpur and Meerut. 224 patients were found in Gautam Buddha Nagar. There are 49 content zones here.

Maharashtra, Infected: 23401- 12030 new infections were found here on Monday and 36 people died. The number of infected people in Mumbai's Dharavi has risen to 859 with 26 new cases. Mahim also had 119 positive cases.

Rajasthan, infected-3988 There were 174 cases of infection here on Monday. Out of which 49 patients were found in Udaipur, 28 in Jaipur, 12 in Ajmer, 11 in Alwar, 06 in Jalor, 5-5 in Chittorgarh and Pali, 09 in Kota, 2-2 in Tonk, Nagor, Karauli, Barmer and Dausa, 1-1 in Bharatpur, Jaisalmer and Dungarpur. they came.

Delhi, Transitional: 7233- There were 310 cases of transition here on Monday. Corona's report from an energy ministry official was positive. At the same time, Health Minister Satyender Jain said that all hospitals in the capital have been asked to provide details of deaths.




Bihar, Infected: 746- There were 39 cases of infection here on Monday. Out of which 3 patients were found in Patna, while 2-2 patients were found in Gopalganj and Bhagalpur. The state has so far recovered 354 patients, while 6 people have died.

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